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Women Thriving

With Career-defining Insights 

Boost your Confidence.            

Grow Financially.

Build your Brand.

Women Empowering Women

We are senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. who have navigated male-dominated fields and understand the shortcuts and inside strategies to accelerate career advancement for women.


Overcoming Workplace Challenges

We recognize that women often face unique challenges in the workplace, including work-life balance difficulties and a higher likelihood of discrimination. Our mission is to empower women to overcome these obstacles and achieve career advancement. We are committed to enhancing your confidence, personal branding, and career development strategies. Our tailored guidance aims to unlock new opportunities for success, helping you navigate the complexities of professional growth. Together, we'll transform your career trajectory, ensuring you thrive in an environment that values and promotes your achievements and satisfaction.

Bay Club at Alastair

Our Four-Tier Reward System guides you through distinct levels: Specialist, Manager, Director, and Executive, each symbolizing your career advancement while unlocking unique rewards, educational tools, and premium experiences. Tackle challenges, surpass milestones, and elevate your career as a Specialist or leader, enhancing your professional journey at every stage. 

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Elite Status
Becoming a selected elite member unlocks unparalleled opportunities to expand your network, offering exclusive meetings with pioneers and thought leaders because we believe that to truly be the best, you must mingle with the best.

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